2017 – You are…not what I expected

In light of a very awkward start to the year, here’s a self portrait of my feelings on 2017 so far.



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all.

I had a great Xmas and New Years, and am very much looking forward to the future.
On that note, Here’s a brief illustration I created as a means of starting off the year.

Poke Go! – Pika No!

Just a little something I was working on after trying to catch some Pokemon in PokemonGo!



So far, enjoying messing around in C4D – had a little bit of a struggle when dealing with easing in/easing out of the animations so I went back to basics and set out all my motions on 2’s, using stepped f-curves and tweaked the curves afterwards.
(Then did some touchups in After Effects)

Happy Animating.

Taking the plunge

Just before August, I took a course in C4D, and while I wasn’t the most advanced course, It definitely got me past that barrier of adopting a new skillset and knowing you’re doing it right. Due to my course being in late July, which was followed by a work trip to Rio for 3 weeks – and very little personal time while there – a lot of the stuff I learnt almost fell to the wayside. When I got back to London, I pretty much got stuck into re-learning it again, and I’m glad I did, because I had forgotten some stuff since then.

Besides the software crashing my PC on renders (from what I’ve heard, overclocked PC’s don’t mesh well with it), it works like a dream and produces very cool results in such a short time.

UM_BG Test0000
Experiment on texturing and Hex Grid layouts

This opened my eyes a little into taking the plunge into something I’ve really wanted to do properly for a long time.
More 3D animation.
(Specifically, Character animation)
So, in light of all that, I’m considering doing a course with Animschool for their next term. I’m hoping from what I learn with that, I can gain a very small entry-level 3d animation reel and start working more towards a field I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

For now, I’ll leave it at that, and find out how I go. Let’s wait and see.

Happy Animating.

From Nothin’ to Somethin’

As probably well documented over the past few months, I’ve had a continual problem of my work not breaking boundaries in terms of quality and variety. Obviously, this has been compounded over a few years being tied up so much so that I didn’t have the time to do so – but now, it’s different, and I’ve already started to make some changes.

Since the last post, I’m now freelance… Which is a blessing and a curse (more on that later). I finished up on my Animation Bootcamp course with School of Motion, and have seen a lot of great creative collaboration and videos for inspiration shared between the School of Motion Alumni.
I’m also heading for a C4D Course next week, as well as planning in the future to continue working towards more 3D work. Especially Character Animation. I miss some of the aspects of character based animation, instead of doing the usual typography based stuff.

All of this pretty much indicates how behind I am in relation to being a “Viable candidate” for some work. This is where the blessing and curse of freelancing comes in. While I now have the time to work towards things I’d like to do more of, and include that as part of my legitimate skillset, I’ve had to pass on work/have been passed on because of my somewhat limited scope of animation as shown on my reel.
I’m likely to get hired if I have better work, but I can’t get better work without spending a lot more time developing it – which means I’ll end up being passed on that work anyway.
It’s a slight catch 22, but at least I’m being proactive about it and doing something.

I’m hoping that in the short couple of months, the choice I make now will turn me from a Nothin’ into a Somethin’.

Happy Animating!

Breaking to Build up again

The last month and a bit has been dicey.

There’s been a lot of pressure on me from all sectors of the spectrum – financially, creatively, mentally, and physically. There most definitely was an element of “when it rains, it pours” as I tried to keep myself from spontaneously combusting. I can honestly say I was, at some point, truly burnt out and broken for a time. Granted, that time probably lasted the course of two evenings, but the feeling was there for sure. Basically, there wasn’t enough hours in a day to do all the things I may have set in place.

Considering I’ve not updated this blog for a while, perhaps I should get into how I’ve moved on since the last post. Only two major points for the time being:

  1. In a means to get back on the wagon with more varied and challenging animation, I joined up with the “Animation Bootcamp” course over at School of Motion. I’m getting some great feedback on my work. Even better, I’m noticing that I can set up an action, movement, or idea and feel a lot more confident in executing it without worrying about why my keyframes aren’t doing what I wanted them to do.
    Of course, while this has been going on, I’ve also still been in full time work, and this did lead up to the burnout phase (and after 10, 11, 12 or even 13 hour days to come home to a bunch more alternative work, it gets hard to keep up).
    I guess in the long run, it’s helped me to test my levels of patience and show where my breaking point lies.
  2. I’m now a part-timer at work. The goal is to aim for allowing me some time to work on my own stuff and building up my portfolio of work again.

That’s it for now I guess.
I’m off to complete more of my Animation Bootcamp assignments I’m already behind on. I’ll get back into more frequent stuff on this blog again in the not too distant future and next time, i’ll add in some more gaming posts too! 😀

Happy Animating